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Alejandro IV Lettering.png
Rey de Escaloña
Reign 1748-
Coronation 1748
Predecessor Alejandro III
Successor Carlos
Dynasty and Family
Spouse Mary Ann Fortescue
House Alborán
Father Alejandro III
Mother Matelda
Born 33rd Brumonze
Religion Cadrielism

Alejandro IV de Alboran (full name: Alejandro Raúl Fernández de Alborán y de Valettia, born 33th Brumonze 1728 in Santoreal ) of the house Alboran is the current Rey de Escolona. He married princess Mary Anne Fortescue of Cantoras and with her has six children, Carlos Ferdinand, the twins Miguel and Alfonzo, Philippa and Letitia and their youngest child Eduardo.

He has a deep founded rivalry with Castaire, a nation due north of his kingdom, and ambition for conquest of Æonis. Aside from being a well educated combatant through prestige military training, he has also enlisted in the naval forces and climbed to the rank of admiral. His rivalry with Castaire was sparked on by his father, the late king Alejandro III Matteo Enrique Santoreal de Alboran and his firstborn son's right to the throne of Cantoras, of which princess Lukrezia is also a contender.


Alejandro IV is a 1.70 m./5'7" tall man with black hair, but he wears a white powdered wig as that would give him prestige and appeal, although rumors are that he uses the wigs to hide his baldness, and has brown eyes. His regal attire consists of a blue doublet with gold laces, topped by an amethyst studded jabot, a blue mantle with gold embroidered lining, black pantaloons and his crown. His usual dress consists of a green doublet with gold embroidered sleeves and center with matching overcoat, that has gold embroidered lining, followed at the bottom by long white stockings and short green pantaloons. 

Early Life

Born on the 33rd of Brumonze 1728 in the royal palace of Santoreal as the first child of king Alejandro III Matteo Enrique Santorean de Alboran and queen Matelda Pasqueline di Valettia de Alboran. Intrigued by his fathers plans for the kingdom and its expanse, Alejandro quickly became a devout student of military tactics, studying famous battles from generals and admirals of past wars. Together with his brother Aurelio Manuel (b.1730) he re-enacted some of the strategies used in playtime under the watchful eye of their tutor, a retired general of the Escaloña military, Ygnocio Nepucemo Cipriano to gain a better understanding of them. 


His earliest form of education was battle strategies done by the retired general Ygnocio Cipriano, which gave him an edge in his military training. His further education was done by Desiderius of Axmere, a renowned scholar, who taught him multiple languages, arithmetic, past cultures and taught him about Cadrielism. He was taught fencing by the Ventaliccian knight Sir Ilario di Pazzano, fine penmanship and writing was taught by Juan Zevallos and dancing from Gregori Alonso. In 1735, Savastian Bamonde, the Count of Madregrial, was placed in overall charge of the prince as his gouvernor. 

Military Career

At the age of ten he set his first steps in the military, due to his previous training he was already a capable commander and fighter at this young age, as well as tactician. After two years in service and he was rewarded with the title and command of captain.  

The Deaths of his mother Matelda, sister Palomina and Ygnocio

The year 1742 was a year of turmoil for Alejandro. In the early months of that year his eldest mentor and trusted friend Ygnocio Nepocmo Cipriano became ill and fell to the illness. About two months later during child birth, when queen Matelda gave birth to her daughter Palomina Silveria Orquidea (b. 15th of Poussatre 1742), there were some complications which eventually resulted in her early death. A few months after her birth Palomina suddenly died during her sleep for reasons still unknown. After the loss of his former mentor and mother, Alejandro took this loss hard and has forgone his military training for a period of two years, in this period of grief he was rarely sighted out of his chambers. It was during this period of grief he draped his chambers in black and as servants will tell mourned for a long periods of time.

Naval Career

After his period of grief Alejandro decided to return to the armed forces, but this time to the navy as he felt the open waters more liberating. With the navy he traveled to the colonial grounds of his kingdom as rumors of piracy were in that region. As he arrived in the colony he investigated these rumors. It was there he learned of the greatest threat of the seas in that area; the Hornigold and her captain the dread pirate Black Bill Teach the Younger. Under the command of Alejandro IV who first sank the sloops of Black Bill's fleet, he forced the Hornigold to dock on the island of (will name it later) where a bloody battle ensued. The naval force of Escaloña shot their flintlock pistols at Black Bill as he gained to shore, as he nearly reached the land five bullets hit him, but he did not fall to this, thus Alejandro gave chase to him and a duel ensued. They say it took several strikes with the sword of Alejandro causing Black Bill's clothes to tatter and his flesh to tear, before he finally succumbed to his wounds. With the threat of the dread pirate Black Bill gone due to his actions Alejandro earned the title of Almirante de la marina Escaloña (admiral). The return to mainland Esradon was not directly toward his own nation, but to Cantoras. It was here he met his future queen Mary Anne Fortescue.

Rey de Escaloña


Six years after the death of his mother, Alejandro returned home. His father Alejandro III feeling the burden of age and grief falling hard upon him, decided to abdicate the throne and let his son Alejandro IV rule the nation further. The coronation ceremony took place in the holy chapel of Santoreal, where he was dressed in a fine white tunic with blue embroidered patterns adorning the center and a matching mantle. It was here not only that he was crowned, but also announced his engagement to princess Mary Anne Fortescue of Cantoras.

Domestic policies

Foreign policies

Claim for the throne of Cantoras

Marriage and Children

After he returned home from his time with the Escaloña navy and was crowned king of Escaloña Alejandro IV wed princess Mary Ann Fortescue on 25th of Feurcin 1748.

Their first child Carlos was born the 13th of Venteux 1749. Two years later their twins Miguel and Alfonzo were born on the 1st of Rosix 1751. Years later the angels blessed them with their first daughter Philippa, born 13th of Gremoix 1755, followed two years later by their second daughter Letitia, born on the 34th of Venteux 1757 Their last child Eduardo was born on of Recoluit 1760

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

Full title as Rey de Escaloña

Su Majestad del reino de Escaloña y terrerios de Ultramar de Borzalia Alejandro Raúl Fernández de Alborán y de Valettia,


Cruz Lauredada de Santo Marino

Military ranks

Coronel de las fuerzas armadas

Almirante de marina Escaloña


Ships, mounts and weaponry



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