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Andre vermonte.png
Prince de Gardelegen
House Vermonte
Father Marcel Vermonte
Mother Marianna of Rothenia
Religion Cadrielism

André Vermonte (full name: André Marcel Théodore Vermonte, born 31 Fleurcin 1742 in Vermelles) is the second son and child of Marcel Vermonte, Grand Duc du Gardelegen. Thus, he is the second heir to the grand ducal throne. André is also a high ranking noble, sedulous student, and military trainee.


André is a handsome 6’0” tall teenage boy with forehead-long curly black hair and bright golden eyes. André is cleanly shaven and has a sharp facial structure. André’s facial features are also sharp and his physique is lean, muscular and broad-shouldered. This makes André much fitter and stronger than the average teenage noble.

André doesn't have a distinct uniform he wears, but his regal or uniform outfits are normally highly decorated and are of the finest quality. André's outfits exhibit the Vermonte Family's wealth to the fullest extent and are of the highest quality and extravagance. André's coats are adorned with gold embroidery, jewel-studded jabots, and jeweled brooches. Along with all this, André wears matching gloves, earrings, trousers (of varying types), and boots or buckled shoes that are usually richly decorated. His uniform outfits are usually themed in Gardelegen colors and include gold accents and embroidery. Aiguilettes, sashes, epaulettes, and necklaces adorn the tunic of André's uniforms. In addition to this, he wears, gold-accented or embroidered leather belts that hold his rapier, matching trousers (of varying types), earrings, gloves, and bedecked boots.

Early Life

André Vermonte was born at the Grand Ducal Palace of Gardelegen. He was known to be a very quiet and peaceful child who didn’t cause much trouble, similar to his father. Also like his father, André has always been interested in a variety of subjects. Though contrary to his father, André developed a keen interest in combat/warfare after watching a dueling tournament with his parents when he was a child.


André, as a noble offspring, enjoys the best possible education in a wide variety of subjects. These subjects are Language Arts, Humanities, Economics, Sciences, Advanced Combat (his favourite subject), Politics, and Mathematics (his least favourite subject). To add to his combat education, André's basic training is going to last from age 7 to 21, the same amount of time it is going to take to complete his standard education. Conventionally, basic training for nobles lasts from age 14 to 21, so André's situation is fairly unique.

Military Career

Combat is André's greatest interest. He competed and won many fencing and jousting tournaments, making him an excellent swordsmen, despite being quite young. André is trained by the revered Géneral Beaufoy who is one also one of Castaire's best swordsmen and generals. André trains alongside the Chasseurs de la Rose de Fer of Gardelegen and the Garde Impériale.


André's personality is another one of his unique qualities. He has a calm and composed personality. He normally tries his best to be peaceful with everyone, like a true gentleman. André is always praised by Géneral Beaufoy and his comrades for his leadership skills. Unlike most other nobles, André also tries his best to support the poor even as a young boy and he takes great consideration in the wellbeing of the people of Gardelegen. The reason for this great consideration is the fact that André trains with commoners, so he understands their struggles and appreciates them based on that. Aside from all of this, André loves his independence, causing the Vermonte family much headache. In fact, one of his nicknames is "the Freebird."

André's main flaw is his anger. He gets angered easily; therefore, André tends to act instinctively at times. There was one instance where André knocked out a noble for inappropriately touching his lover, Marquise Céline. Of course, André's father, Grand Duc Marcel, scolded André for this but Empereur Steve and Marcel recognized that his action was justified and did not punish him.

Love Life

As André is quite handsome, girls of his age flock to him like birds right when they see him. André ignores these advances and chooses to love one person very dearly. Ever since the age of ten, André has been attracted to Marquise Céline, the daughter of Duc Achille Troucroix. Even before that, they were good childhood friends. From the age of seven, when André commenced his training phase, he was allowed to see his family and his friends every month or so for a few days. Each and every time André used to return from training, he used to spend most of his time with Céline. His parents did notice this, but didn’t think much as they were young and “foolish.” When André hit the age of fourteen, there was an instance that would ultimately heighten his and Céline's love.

The Vermonte and Troucroix Family always had an untained relationship. Hence, the two families used to (and still) frequently visit eachother. During this pastime, André was fourteen while Céline was thirteen. One day, André and Céline were spending time with one another in the Enchanted Forest of Gardelegen. Céline had brought her kitten along that day. In the midst of a conversation, the two realized that the kitten was gone. They checked their surroundings and couldn't find the kitten. Céline, out of desperation, ran deeper into the forest in the hopes finding her kitten. André noticed this and ran after her. After a brief period of running, he lost Céline. André grew worried as he was always informed about legends regarding the magical beasts that wander the Enchanted Forest. After carefully listening in search for any sound of Céline, André heard her shouting. He ran towards the direction of the shouting and spotted Céline on a large tree branch trying to reach for her kitten which was stuck near the end of the branch. André yelled at Céline for her to stop reaching for her kitten as there was a chance that the branch could break or she could slip. Luckily, Céline manages to grab her kitten and bring it into her loving arms, though she accidentally slips and falls off. André quickly catches Céline and the two exchange a deep view of each other's eyes. After some brief starring, André carefully puts Céline down. He then grabs her hand and kisses it. Céline is very flustered at this point and tells André that they need to get out of the forest and get back to the Grand Ducal Palace. After making it back to the palace, their parents scold them and tells them how worried they were for them. André and Céline look at one another and exchange a snicker, knowing that this memory would stick with them for the rest of their lives. This event marked the amplification of André and Céline's love.

André and Céline's love is partially recognized by their parents. The Vermonte and Troucroix Family have gained suspicion over the fact that the two lovers spend time in the Enchanted Forest for long periods of time. However, the two families don't mind since they plan on getting the two married to one another when they get older since they are perfect match. André's siblings, especially his older brother, Marlon, jokes around with André and what he does with Céline when they are spending time together. At the end of the day, the two families approve of André and Céline's relationship and plan on doing so for a long time.

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since 31 Fleurcin 1742: Son Altesse Grand-Ducale le Prince André de Gardelegen


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Prince de Gardelegen
since 31 Fleurcin 1742