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Ashlem Village is a small village nestled between the opening of Carold valleys. Ashlem is unknown and home to very few, villagers here live off the land they see, very few can read or write, and most work day to day as fisherman, woodcutters or miners.

The life in Ashlem Village

Ashlem is ignored by society, but in danger. It is one of the most vulnerable spots that other kingdoms have attempted to attack, but lucky to a Cantoras Treaty, the guard are sworn to protect any villages that settle within Cantoras. The Villagers here are lucky to survive as they have the use of the Ashlem Lake to find food and trees to cut for shelter.

The relation to Merriwick

Ashlem and Merriwick are quite close to each other, however they chose long ago to not help each other. Villagers from Ashlem choose to be an independent village and everything they get they work for. Where as Merriwick has a very, very different story