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The Cadrielistic Calender or Common Calendar is the most widely used civil calendar in the world. It is named after Cadriel, whose appearance on Æonis made the base year 0 for the calendar. A years length of 420 days, determined by Æonis' revolution around the star Esterelle.

The calendar was developed as a new interpretation of the former used Old Calendar, preciding in the times of the ancient galacian empire. When Cadriel placed foot on Æonis, and the first theophantic council was founded to assist him whilst observing Æonis, they decided to reform the older calendar to match with the ideals of the newly found cadrielistic faith. When the calendar reform finally become enacted in 12 AC, all the important dates of the former 12 years got superseded with matching new dates.

Originally adopted only by cadrielistic nations around the Mare Centrum, it spread it's importance across the globe and is now used especially in Esradon and their overseas possessions.


1 or IGlacunWinter
2 or IIVenteux
3 or IIIGermoisSpring
4 or IVPoussatre
5 or VFleurcin
6 or VIRosixSummer
7 or VIIChalept
8 or VIIIRecoluit
9 or IXVendieufFall
10 or XOrdix
11 or XIBrumonze
12 or XIINeigouzeWinter

The Cadrielistic calendar is a solar calendar with 12 months of 35 days each. A Cadrielistic year consists of 420 days. The years are identified by consecutive year numbers. A calendar date is fully specified by the year (numbered according to a calendar era, in this case Anno Cadriel), the month (identified by name or number), and the day of the month (numbered sequentially starting from 1).