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Charles du Gardelegen (full name: Charles Tristan Vermonte-Beaufoy, born 17 Ordix 1705 in Caluire) is the only son of Marquis Gabriel du Gardelegen and Marquise Arielle of House Beaufoy, also making him a Marquis of the Vermonte Family. Charles is the Général and leader of the Brigade de la Rose de Fer. His last name is quite unique as it is doubled. This is due to Charles's father and mother deciding that joining their two last names would be a good decision.


Charles is a surprisingly striking 5'10" middle-aged man. He has light brown neck-long hair, a beard, and green eyes. Charles is noted to be a strong-looking man as well.

Charles wears officer's uniforms as he is a Général of the Armée Impériale. Charles's "typical" uniform has a dark-red jacket that is gold accented. Under the jacket, Charles wears a belt that holds his rapier and pistol. Along with all of this, Charles wears white trousers, knee-high black boots, white gloves, and a tricorne with a cocarde that is themed with the colors of Castaire. Charles's Brigade de la Rose de Fer uniform is similar but with a dark-green jacket and green and white colored cocarde.

As Charles is a member of the Vermonte Family and has a distinct taste for the finer things in life, his regal outfits/uniforms are truly breathtaking. Firstly, there is gold embroidery that beautify the coats of Charles's uniforms along with gold-rimmed gems that double as buttons. His uniforms showcase his military achievements by displaying his numerous badges that are almost always placed in a rhombus-type form. The coat of Charles's uniforms are normally dark green and he wears pink sashes to represent Gardelegen. Decorated golden belts hold Charles's rapier and pistol. There are epaulettes on either side of the coat and Charles loves wearing matching gloves to complement his uniform. Along with all of this, Charles wears matching breeches, knee-high boots, and tricorne hats with fur or feathers that sit atop of them.

Early Life

Charles was born at Belcourt Mansion, one of the many mansions of the Vermonte Family. The, at the time, young Charles was always a courageous child. No matter who Charles spoke to, he would always speak with a strict and demanding tone. This distinct quality would carry on even until now. Charles's courageousness eventually led him to find a passion in the art of warfare. At first, Charles's parents did not approve of his interest. They wanted Charles to be a scholar. After taking consideration for Charles's dreams, Charles's parents eventually gave in and granted the duty of training Charles to Colonel Georges.


Charles, being a noble and member of the wealthy and powerful Vermonte Family, received the finest education that money could buy. Charles was taught Economics, Language Arts, Humanities, the Sciences, Politics, and Mathematics. Of course, the most important subject for Charles and his career was the Art of War. Charles's basic training lasted from age 7 to 14, similar to his relative, Prince André.

Military Career

Charles fought in a number of wars and battles. He fought against Cantorian forces in the Grand War Against Cantoras. Charles fought against the Escaloñians in various battles. Additionally, he fought against Seraphians in the New World as well. There were even other conflicts that Charles took part in as well. Charles's many military achievements, sheer amount of skill, and valor in combat allowed him to receive great prestige and a high rank within the Armée Imperiale.


As previously mentioned, Charles has a stern personality. He commands his soldiers with that same amount of authority. Charles is a charismatic man as well. Charles's soldiers show deep respect and gratitude towards him.

Relationship with Prince André