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The Castairian Parliament Hall in the Townhall of Lucrécy

The Castairian Parliament is the one of the two legislative parts of the governance system of the Castairian Empire, the other one being the Imperial Council.


The parliament was founded by Emperor Stéphane IV to support him with governance tasks. He appointed his younger brother Michel as the head of this parliament, the so called Chancellor.


As the Empire has a lot of different territories, shires, duchies and so on, it was inevitable to have a institution to represent the will of the people. The parliament consists of 1 representative per 500.000 people. This ratio is ensured by the subdivision of the whole empire into so called constituencies, which accommodates usually around 500.000 people each. Thus the final number of parliament is 649 plus the Chancellor which makes a total of 650. This makes the Castairian Parliament one of the biggest in the world. The government and the ministers may be appointed from within the ranks of the parliament, but may also be experts without a mandate. The Chancellor is responsible for their appointment which must then be ratified by the Monarch.