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Emiline Vermonte (full name: Emiline Victoire Théodora Vermonte, born 15 Rosix 1747 in Vermelles) is the fourth child and second daughter of Marcel Vermonte, Grand Duc du Gardelegen. This makes her the fourth heir to the grand ducal throne. Emiline is also a high ranking and painfully shy noble.


Emiline is a cute 5'0" tall girl with long light-blonde hair and bright amber eyes. She usually wears dresses with gold embroidery and beautiful patterns. To compliment this, Emiline wears necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and delightfully decorated shoes (of varying types). Emiline's outfit choices are similar to her older sister, Princesse Veronique.

Early Life

Emiline Vermonte was born in the Grand Ducal Palace of Gardelegen. She prefers staying inside the Grand Ducal Palace and reading books to pass the time. Emiline's interest in reading led her to become an exceptional writer for her age.


Emiline is educated in a variety of subjects. These subjects are Language Arts, Humanities, Economics, Sciences, Politics, and Mathematics. Emiline's tutor, Vicomte Eloise, noticed that she does exceptionally well in writing. Eloise has taken note of this and is teaching Emiline more advanced writing skills.


Emiline has an innocent and shy personality. This makes it difficult for her to make friends with noble girls of her age. However, those who share a close bond to Emiline are the ones to be accepted into her "social circle."

Love Life

This is illegal for Emiline's age.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

since 15 Rosix 1747: Son Altesse Grand-Ducale la Princesse Emiline

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