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Résidence Impériale Favorite
Empire of Castaire
Kingdom of Chastain
(1761 - present)
François de la Tour
Facts and Figures
Population (Dec. 1760)5.470

Favorite is the former capital of Chastain and Castaire. Planned as a garden city, it accommodates the former residence of the imperialty, Château Favorite, and several residential buildings for the nobility. The whole city is surrounded by spacious flower fields which gave it the name "Ville des Fleurs". Nowadays, it serves as the summer residence of the imperialty, with Château Solitude nearby.


The name Favorite is castairien and stands for "favourite place" as Chiralien often spend his summers in the area of the later city.


Favorite was the first city in the empire to be entirely planned and is conceived in the shape of an (heraldic) lily. Soon after Chiralien I founded Chastain, he made up the idea of building a new city to represent the kingdom better than his mountaineous residence at Château Avalanche. The style of the late 11th century was far less elaborate than the current used Baroque Impériale, but nonetheless, several building restrictions made the new city one of the most representative at the continent. The exact date of the foundation is somehow debated, as there are several possible dates: the first plans for the city were made in April 1024, the actual groundbreaking ceremony took place in February 1032. Construction lasted for around 12 years and was finished by the last stone of the new built Chapelle Royale in early March 1044. As the city's borders were given by it's planned shape of a lily surrounded by an five-leaf flower, the actual size of the city didn't change much in the following centuries. With the emergence of the new Baroque Impériale in late 1650s, the city was completely rebuilt, with the current Château Favorite at its center and the former coronation church also got a new face.



The administration of the city is completely subordinated to the Empereur, the city is seen as the personal property of the Sacrecouronne family. As such, it belongs to several domains known as Terre de la Couronne, crown lands. It is maintained and lead by the imperial chamber, which is situated in the Palais du Chambre at the main boulevard. It may be an imperial bureau, but is, opposite to the other government departments, not accommodated in the capital, but in Favorite, to distinguish its special place from the government.


As Favorite saw several renovations, the cityscape was at some times not unitary, but with the baroque period, it got an uniform face once more. The boulevards are surrounded by small, two-story high baroque houses, with several palais built by the aristocracy or the imperialty.

Palatial Area

The main focus of the city remains in its absolute center, where Château Favorite is located at and surrounded by lush gardens to the north and south. From its western façade, the main boulevard connects it to coronation church, one of the oldest buildings of the city. The palatial area furthermore accommodates several city administration bureaus like the Chambre Impériale.

Residential Areas

The several leaves of the lily were conceived as the residential areas of the city and are characterized by many houses.


As the city is restricted by it's size and thus the astronomic real estate price, the inhabitants are bar none members of nobility. As the whole government left the city and moved to Lucrécy, many of the old palais are now inhabited by the high nobility, nonetheless, the figures of inhabitants haven't changed much in the past centuries and always revolved around 5,000 people.








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