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Prince de Castaire
Affiliation Castaire Shield.svg
Dynasty and Family
House House Sacrecouronne
Father Stéphane IV
Mother Belle
Born 22nd Poussatre 1745
Religion Cadrielism

Florian (full name: Florian Philippe Séverin Sacrecouronne, born 22 Poussatre 1745) is the son of Stéphane IV and Belle and the brother of Lukrezia and Emilia, being the second child of three.


Florian is a 1,90m/6’3” tall young man with shoulder-long brown hair bound to a plat and deep green eyes. His formal dress consists of a double breasted white military tunic and brown trousers. The tunic features golden epaulettes and wristbands. Over his tunic he wears a golden sash bound together above his left waist held by a red belt with golden embroideries. He is often seen carrying a rapier at his left hip. The collar marries up with the wristbands showing the same pattern. He also dons the house order of Nathaniël I.

Early Life

Born on 22nd Poussatre 1745 in Palais Castaire, Florian is the second child of the marriage of Empereur Steve I and Impératrice Belle and so the younger brother of their designated heir Lukrezia and older brother of Emilia.

He spent his childhood in the walls of the palace and its gardens protected and beloved by his parents. As he became older, he often explored the outsides of the palace and even the city, which left his mother frightened quite often and forced her to send the guards to search for him many times. Covered in robes or costumes he later strived undiscovered and unnoticed through the city and learned many things about the daily life of the people in Lucrécy.

He soon got interested in foreign relations and diplomacy and wanted to take part in politics. At the age of 8 he accompanied his parents at their state visit to Ventalicci, visiting Valettia, capital of Giorgio duchy. But even abroad, he often left his parents to look around the city in cover, but with Steves personal guard Joques always sent to look for him.

At this time the relations to his older sister Lukrezia were pretty good, but with her getting older and the increasing pressure on her to become the next ruler she simply did not have enough time to play with her siblings. So the moment when his little sister grew up, she became the closest person in his family, next to his mother Belle. He always protected her from any harm and explored the imperial warrants quarter with her and found new friends to play with.

Right before the Celebration de Changemont at the 21st Neigouze, his beloved mother died at 17th Neigouze 1754, which hit everyone in the family quite hard. Although his mother’s death was already near, he hoped her to live until this last ceremony. With his sisters being more related to her father and him to his mother, he suffered a lot and fell in depression. He was just 9 years old, but understood pretty well that his mother would never come back. He stayed inside his rooms for several days and denied to eat. But after a while he had a profound conversation with his father and felt much relieved afterwards. Following that, he and Steve I often visited Solitude, sometimes he even went there alone.


With him turning 14 he told his father that he wanted an education in politics, diplomacy and military tactics just as his sister Lukrezia. Therefor he wished to go to a boarding school outside of the palace. After long thoughts his father permitted him to study and live within the walls of the Monastére de l’Archon in Liramond. He studied there for 3 years and with the isolated location of Liramond he had no other place to explore than the village itself and the surroundings. To keep him company and an eye on him Joques sent one of his trusted subordinates, Deveraux Thibourg, with him.

In the beginning Prince Florian often tried to get rid of his unwanted companion to explore everything alone, but with Deveraux being an experienced hunter he always found the tracks of the young prince to watch after him. After a while they became friends and began to have fun when they were together and developed a similar relation than Steve I and his mentor Alberich. Deveraux also taught Florian fencing and riding and they were often hunting in the surrounding woods and hills.

With him turning 17 he completed his studies meaning that the monks had nothing to teach him anymore. He still wanted to improve and enlargen his knowledge but felt too lonely and isolated from his family to continue his schooling in Liramond. In addition he wanted to see his new learned skills applied and to see the world as well as different point of views by other cultures and people on certain topics. So he left the monastery and returned to Lucrécy and his family.

Returning to Lucrécy

Starting a new period of his life, the young prince used his new discovered freedom to strive through Lucrécy again and accompanied his father and sister at their visitations around Esradon. Together with Deveraux he explored many distinct places along their journeys. Furthermore he got to know something completely new; the reactions of the young ladies all over Castaire, what often ended up letting Deveraux wait while the prince wooed for some of them. This certain period is the reason why he became known as casanova especially in the female nobility.

Though after a visit in Ventalicci in late 1762, certainly in Giorgio, he suddenly stopped hopping around the ladies and became more calmly and family attended. That improved the relations to all of his family members and let the relationship to his little sister Emilia getting closer as ever before.

At first, Steve was rather puzzled by Florians rapid change in behavior but thought that he might just broke his horns and became more mature and responsible. So Steve I had no problem arranging an engagement between his son and princess Estelle Christina Marie of Frennmeark in order to improve the relation towards the country, following the impression that his son is now ready for marriage life.

Without knowledge of the Empereur, the true reason behind Florians change was him falling in love with the princess of Giorgio and, following a wonderful night and nine more months, the birth of his son Léonce. There are just two persons currently knowing about the princes’ offspring, one being Joques, the other being his brother Jomes, the leader of the imperial household and closest counselor of Steve. But due to his promise to keep the imperial family from any harm, he has sworn to Florian to keep the secret and help him support his son and his mother in Ventalicci.

In Rosix 1764 though, this affair become known by the duke of Pezzano, father of the princess, who felt dishonoured by this love and their eventual consequences. In the brink of the War of Cantorian Succession going on at Esradon, he issued an ultimatum to Steve I, who had no clue of this affair at that point. The duke demanded the immediate extradition of the prince, which struggled the Empereur heavily. Giving in would mean to loose his face and honour and was no realistic option at all. But Castaires affiliation with the war made it nearly impossible to ignore the ultimatum, as Ventalicci stated their acceptance to join the hostile coalition. Thus, Steve used his influence and invited the duke to resolve the issue.

No concurrence is ... just no concurrence!

– Prince Florian

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

since 22 Poussarte 1745 Son Altesse Impériale Prince Florian de Castaire


  • Royaume de Chastain/Family Orders
    • Imperial Family Order of Nathanaël I: Princely Member (1761)
Ordre de l'Empereur Nathanaël I.svg
Ordre de l'Empereur Nathanaël I


Florian Monogram.svg
Sacrecouronne Coat of Arms Grand.svg
Imperial Monogram of Florian Philippe Séverin
Coat of Arms of the Sacrecouronne Dynasty

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Prince de Castaire
since 22nd Poussatre 1745