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The Garde Impériale involves the Empires most senior military units and those units that provide ceremonial or protective functions associated directly to the Empereur (and his family). The most senior infantry and cavalry regiments are respectively known as Infanterie de Garde and Cavalerie de Garde.

The Empires Garde consists of Eight joined in One:

  • Garde de l'Empereur
  • Cavalerie de la Garde (composed of the Garde du Corps, the Imperial Reds and the Royal Blues)
  • Infaterie de la Garde (composed of the Garde Palaisien, the Garde du Chastain, the Garde de Lucrécy and the Garde de Vermelles)

Garde de l'Empereur

Castaire Garde de l'Empereur Emblem.svg

The Garde de l'Empereur (Emperors Guard) is formed by the best trained men of the Armée Impériale. The Garde acts completely detached from the linear forces and is directly subordinated to the Empereur. Currently, there are 2800 soldiers with 280 officers participated in the Guard, forming a regiment. Their tasks are of course the defence of the Imperial Family during any kind of event aswell as securing their life in the palace. Furthermore, the Garde is also the Empereurs personal regiment, which he leads in case of a battle. The Garde consists both of infantry and cavalry, thus is not subordinated to the Cavalerie de Garde or the Infanterie de Garde. It consists of the following units:

2 bataillons of Line Infantry, organized in 8 companies

  • 1re Compagnie d'Infanterie de Ligne
  • 2e Compagnie d'Infanterie de Ligne
  • 3e Compagnie d'Infanterie de Ligne
  • 4e Compagnie d'Infanterie de Ligne
  • 5e Compagnie d'Infanterie de Ligne
  • 6e Compagnie d'Infanterie de Ligne
  • 7e Compagnie d'Infanterie de Ligne
  • 8e Compagnie d'Infanterie de Ligne

2 companies of Grenadiers

  • 1re Compagnie de Grenadiers
  • 2e Compagnie de Grenadiers

2 companies of Light Infantry

  • 1re Compagnie de Tirailleurs
  • 1re Compagnie de Voltigeurs

2 escadrons of Heavy Cavalry

  • 1er Escadron de Chevau-Légers Lanciers
  • 2e Escadron de Chasseurs à Cheval

2 escadrons of Light Cavalry

  • 1er Escadron des Dragons
  • 2e Escadron de Grenadiers à Cheval

Cavalerie de la Garde

Garde du Corps

Castaire Garde du Corps Emblem.svg

The Garde du Corps is the senior formation of the Empereurs Cavalerie de Garde. It consists of 8 escadrons of cavalry, forming the largest single cavalry unit of the Empire. These are:

  • 1er Escadron
  • 2e Escadron
  • 3e Escadron
  • 4e Escadron
  • 5e Escadron
  • 6e Escadron
  • 7e Escadron
  • 8e Escadron

Rouges Impériales

Castaire Rouges Impériales Emblem.svg

The Rouges Impériales are an elite cavalry unit named for their scarlet red uniforms and golden cuirasses. They are organized in the strength of an regiment and thus consist of:

  • 1er Escadron
  • 2e Escadron
  • 3e Escadron
  • 4e Escadron
  • 5e Escadron

Bleus Royales

Castaire Bleus Royales Emblem.svg

The Bleus Royales are an elite cavalry unit named after the royal colours of the Kingdom of Cantoras, wearing dark blue uniforms and silver cuirasses. As their red counterparts, they are organized in a size of a regiment, thus:

  • 1er Escadron
  • 2e Escadron
  • 3e Escadron
  • 4e Escadron
  • 5e Escadron

Infanterie de la Garde

Garde Palaisien

The Garde Palaisien is responsible for the security of the whole palace. As the Garde de l'Empereur, it is a regiment in size of a bataillon, with 880 men and 60 officers.

Garde du Chastain

The Chastain Guards are a remaining military division from the time before the Empire was founded and Chastain was an independent kingdom. This unit is, spiriually seen, the predecessor of the Garde de l'Empereur and also mainly replaced by it, serving only representative duties today. Nonetheless, the Chastain Guards have one of the most elegant uniforms, consisting of white military tunics with golden and red applications. Prince Florian is often to be seen wearing one of the guards uniforms.

Garde de Lucrécy

Garde de Vermelles