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Æonis, a planet not too different from Earth, was created by the Celestial Prince Cadriel, an eternal being of unlimited power. When creating the planet, He wanted to fill it with Life as well, so he created all the animals, plants and other beings. His last creation was those of the sentient beings, the four races. Elvenkind, Dwarves, Villagers, and finally, Humankind. All of those received the “Free Will”, able to pursue their own aims and ambitions.

With Humankind being the most numerous and also most ambitious race, they fought wars amongst themselves to prove their strength. This left the other races, who were older and thus wiser, into distress, with eventual retreating from the world’s theatre, leaving Humankind as the pre-eminent race of Æonis.

The Elves moved deep within the forests and build their homes within the trees, becoming more and more part of the nature. The lush and spacious forests of the Old World contain a number of elven settlements, though their existence is generally unknown to Humankind.

Same applies to the Dwarves, their whereabouts are generally unknown to the rest of the world. After being attacked by maroding humans, the great brotherhoods moved into the mountains and built their stonen fortresses deep below the surface.

The Villagers were forced to retreat to an unknown place in the world, and none of the other races really know about their whereabouts … they might not be extinct, but also nowhere to find within known territory.

Centuries of wars, eternal fights and petty intrigues saw the eventual rise of several realms within Esradon, a continent often titled also as the Old World. It lies in the northern hemisphere and consists of a wide variety of climates, geographical areas and vegetations. Thus, every of the nations have several benefits and disadvantages from their owned territory, be it to have several borders with surrounding countries or a lot of mountainous regions.

One of the largest nations there is Castaire, a union of smaller states forged by treaties, war and common threats. Castaire is located at the western coast of Esradon. Trade, a stable economy and also a powerful military, the biggest in Esradon, made Castaire the proud hegemonial power of the continent. Its monarchy is lead by the Sacrecouronne family, a dynasty of noble descent reaching back almost a millennium. But the ever-shining light is clouded by the ambitions of its neighbours …

Escaloña, its southern neighbour, is one of the foremost powers of the continent. Their power is mainly based upon their oversea empire in Borcalia, bringing home staggering amounts of gold and silver. With that enormous financial power, Escaloña maintains the largest fleet in the world. This enables the nation to intervene everyone on the globe, should its interests be in danger.

Nemesis both to Castaire and Escaloña, Osterlitz is one of the two great powers of Reikenland, a largely defunct imperial structure covering most of Central Esradon. Maintaining a large and powerful army, Osterlitz is able to dominate the southern part of Reikenland with ease and often uses the smaller counties there as a “cushion” between itself and its aspiring opponent Prussien.

Prussien is a staunch monarchy heavily focused on military aspects. They field the most disciplined army of Esradon and are thus an important ally to Castaire to maintain a balance of power in Reikenland. Prussiens eventual aim is the unification of whole Reikenland under the Aldernburg dynasty.

But in the north as well, Castaire has a powerful rival. Cantoras, being the oldest monarchy in Esradon, is divorced from the continent by a massive mountain range. Being a natural barrier, both Castaire and Cantoras build large fortifications in the few possible passes, always prepared for a war.

15 years ago, the last terrible war between two great powers of Esradon ended, making way for an extraordinarily peaceful time since then. Castaire and Cantoras nearly fought to their extinction, but eventually, the death of Nathanaël II, emperor of Castaire, enabled his successor Stéphane to negotiate peace.

An imperial marriage bound the two countries together since then, with Stéphane marrying Cantoras’ princess Belle. Their love secures the peace between the nations, and eventual, their daughter Lukrezia might inherit both crowns …

The current king of Cantoras, Fabius, is childless and sick, leaving the continent in turmoil. Several claimants to the throne are known, with Lukrezia being the most probable choice. Nonetheless, both Escaloña and Osterlitz have their candidates and support them with all power they might throw into the ring.

And again, war looms over Esradon, inevitable, but also not foreseeable … and there are darker powers on the trail then those of armies, kingdoms and empires. Darker powers, seeking for the eventual overcome of the monarchical system and an end to the world we know …