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Grantham Vermonte.png
Primary Title Grand Duc de Gardelegen
Founded 12th century by Marius Vermonte
Ethnicities Castairian and Gardelegenian

House Vermonte is the ruling family and Grand Ducal Dynasty of Gardelegen. The first known ancestor of the Vermontes was Marius Vermonte, the father of the First Empress of Castaire, Lucrécia.

For the reason that there are so many members of the Vermonte Dynasty, there are multiple branches. The Théodorian Branch is the Grand Ducal Branch of the Vermonte Dynasty. The Grand Dukes of Gardelegen serve as the Head of the Vermonte Dynasty. The other branches are headed by princes.

The Vermonte Dynasty shares close relations and dynastic connections with the Imperial Family, or House Sacrecouronne. After Marcel and Marianna's marriage, relations were created with House Nadijew of Česky-Mirava. There are also various other foreign monarchical houses that share dynastic connections with House Vermonte.

House Vermonte is one of the wealthiest families in Castaire. This is because of not only the high noble ranks of the members of the Vermonte Family, but also because of the sheer amount of assets they have under their possession.