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Capitaine de Garde Impériale
House Cendrefort
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Religion Cadrielism

Jocques Cendrefort (born 12 Venteux 1710) is the Capitaine of the Garde Impériale and leads these senior companies of elite soldiers to protect their Empereur and his family. As his younger brother Jomes, he is directly subordinated to Empereur Stéphane IV, and serves at His right hand in all military matters. Originating from Cantoras, his family moved to Castaire 150 years ago and was serving the imperialty for quite some time with the brothers father being the personal butler of Nathanaël I and Nathanaël II.


Early Life

Jocques was born in Venteux 1710 in Perpillon, a small village near Lucrécy, where his family had their seat for around 120 years. His father Albert was the personal butler of Nathaniël I, and kept his position upon His death in 1712, becoming the butler of His son Nathanël II. As the life in the small village was far away from the splendid court, life was easy, but hard. Jocques and his brother (who was born two years later) were used to this life and spent a lot of their time with the servants children. They often helped out with several tasks and are to be seen as a connection between the aristocracy, as they were both of noble descent, and the people, in which they found their social base. As Jocques was interested more in military matters and was quite the fencer back then, his father supported his wish and got him a position as Cadet in the Garde de Vermelles at the age of 15. In this position, he was in direct contact with the imperial family nearly all day. He soon became friends with young Prince Steve, keeping this friendship until today. When Jomes became personal attendant to Steve in 1730, the two brothers were exclusively responsible for the welfare of the Prince. As within their sworn brotherhood, Jocques and Jomes were two of few persons knowing about Steves growing feelings toward Princess Belle.

Capitaine de Garde Impériale

When Steve became Empereur in 1745, and the old Capitaine retired, He gave this office to Jocques. He asked Steve for the favour to keep his uniform (in dark green, as of the Garde de Vermelles), and was allowed to do so. Thus he is nearly always dressed in his old company's uniform to show the tradition and honour of this regiment, while the other guard regiments wear completely different uniforms. Being an excellent tactitian, he is a member of the general staff and advises the Empereur and his generals in military questions. Furthermore, he acts as the personal bodyguard to Steve as well as His champion whenever He is challenged to a duel.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

since 12 Venteux 1710: Son Excellence Sieur Jocques Cendrefort


  • Empire Castairien
    • Ordre de l'Empire Castairien: Commandeur (1728), Grand Officier (1745)
Ordre de l'Empire Castairien.svg
Ordre de l'Empire Castairien


Cendrefort Coat of Arms.svg
Coat of Arms of the Cendrefort Family

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