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Grand Maître de l'Empire
House Cendrefort
Father ---
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Religion Cadrielism

Jomes Cendrefort (full name: Jomes Charles Cendrefort, born 7 Fleurcin 1712) is the current Grand Maître de l'Empire and leads the imperial household, directly serving Empereur Stéphane IV. Being in such a leading position renders him one of the closest aides to Stéphane, making him irreplacable in the organisation of the household. Originating from Cantoras, his family moved to Castaire 150 years ago and was serving the imperialty for quite some time with Jomes' father being the personal butler of Nathanaël I and Nathanaël II.


Jomes is a 1,82 m/6' tall man with light blonde, slightly welled ear-length hair and gray-blue eyes. He favours light colours and his formal court dress consists of a light blue justeaucorps with golden-white embroideries and adornments, a pair of cream-white trousers, white stockings and black half-shoes. Furthermore, in full court dress, he often features his grand cross of the Ordre de l'Empire Castairien and the accompanying red sash.

Early Life

Jomes was born on Fleurcin 7th 1712 in Perpillon, a small village near Lucrécy, where his family had their seat for around 120 years. His father, Albert, was the personal butler of Nathanaël I, who died shortly before Jomes' birth. Albert kept his position and served the new Empereur with the same gratitude as his father. Jomes grew up within the small village and thus knew a life of hard work, as he often helped his family's servants cutting wood or doing some of the carrying of supplies. When he became older, he wanted to follow in his fathers steps and become butler. With 14, he started his education in first class conversation, fine manners and servantry. With 18 years, he attended the court and was given the office of personal servant to Prince Impérial Stéphane. The young boys became close friends and kept their friendship until these days. As Stéphanes servant and friend, he was one of the few persons knowing of Stéphanes growing feelings towards Belle and eventually warned him about showing them. As he didn't listen to the advice, Nathanaël II declared war on Cantoras in 1738.

Grand Maître de l'Empire

With the death of his father, Jomes became leader of the imperial household in 1746. Being an excellent accountant, he was able to substantially reduce the costs of the court by cancelling weird traditions like different responsibilities for inner and outer window cleaning. He is managing all the servants of the court and decides an all important things regarding the imperialty, like planning events and public occasions. Furthermore, he is responsible for organising coronations, state funerals and baptisms of the imperial family. All the high officers of the household swear their oaths to him, as he is the representant of the Empereur.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

since 7 Fleurcin 1712: Son Excellence Sieur Jomes Cendrefort


  • Empire Castairien
    • Ordre de l'Empire Castairien: Commandeur (1730), Grand Officier (1746)
Ordre de l'Empire Castairien.svg
Ordre de l'Empire Castairien


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Coat of Arms of the Cendrefort Family

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