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Julien Roisseau, Marquis du Romarin (born 10th Ordix 1718 in Roscelles) is the current Ministre de l'Exterieur of the Empire Castairien. While formerly being an ambassador for the Empire, since 1756 he is leading the foreign ministry. One of his greatest achievement was the Treaty of Liramond, ending the Grand War Against Cantoras. Since then, he worked tirelessly on improving the relations between Castaire and Cantoras, marked by milestones as the marriage of Stéphane and Belle.


Roisseau was both an adventurous and diplomatic man. His charisma enabled him to acquire great achievements for his nation, what would lead him to the earning of enviable honours. During his youth, he was a slender, tanned man, with brown hair and an unique moustache and goatee.

Early Life

Political Career

Ministre de l'Exterieur

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

10 Ordix 1718 - 12 Chalept 1753: Son Altesse Julien, Prince du Romarin since 12 Chalept 1753: Son Altesse le Marquis du Romarin


  • Empire Castairien
    • Ordre de l'Empire Castairien: Chevalier (1749), Grand Officier (1757)
Ordre de l'Empire Castairien.svg
Ordre de l'Empire Castairien


Romarin Coat of Arms Grand.svg
Coat of Arms of the Marquisat du Romarin

Equipment & Mounts



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Empire of Castaire

Predecessor Title Successor

Jean-Antoine VII

Marquis du Romarin
since 12 Chalept 1753