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Liramond, located in a valley

Liramond is a small, but very prosperous village located in a vale in the bordering eastern mountain range of Castaire. It accommodates also the Monastery of Archon.


City Center

Liramond was founded a long time ago in 156 AC. The people striving through the country explored a vale of excessive beauty and settled there. In the nearby mountains, the built mineshafts and started collecting iron ore, which was sold to the Imperial Armed Forces to forge weapons with it.

Welfare and Prosperity

The trade brought much money into the small village and they soon started to become prosperous as no other village but Lucrécy. With the money, the people bought newer devices to increase the efficiency of mining and gained new experiences in dealing with mining techniques, so they became the most experienced miners in Castaire.


In 1565 AC the first Liramond was found deep in the main mine. It was a gem of enourmous magnificence worth a whole duchy. As all the other gems in Castaire, it was declared to be property of the Emperor and all the other Liramonds went into the vaults of Castle Favorite. The most famous Liramond is the so called Glaciem, a gem of icy and wintry beauty in light colors and exorbitant gleam.