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This is a list of numbered infantry regiments of the Armée Impériale from the foundation of the Empire until today.


Rank and Numbering

Establishment and Precedence

The ranks of regiments of the Armée Impériale were first fixed during the Sixteen Years' War (1618-1634). Doubts as to the respective rank of fighting at the Caridean Islands led Célestin V to summon a board of his generals in June 1619 to establish the order of precedence of the various units. A further meeting was held by Prince Impériale Célestin (latter Empereur Célestin VI) to finally fix the ranks.

The rank or precedence of regiments was fixed by the following criteria:

  • imperial Castairian regiments, raised directly by the Empereur, should rank from their date of raising.
  • regiments from the constituent states should rank from the date they came onto the Castairian establishment.


While the regiments normally were known by the name of their commander, or by their imperial title, the number of their rank was increasingly used. To beware the commanding (and often funding) officers from marking their "personal troops", they were not allowed to put any sign of ownership (arms, crest etc.) on the uniforms. The regiment's colours had to hold the regimental rank in the middle (painted or embroidered). As the overall size of the army expanded and contractred througout the several conflicts of the 17th century, junior regiments were often established and later disbanded. According to that, there were of a number of different regiments holding the same number in different time periods.

Royal and subsidiary titles

County affiliations

Fusiliers, light infantry and rifles

List of Régiments à Pied

1st - 10th Régiment à pied

NumberTitlesDate of raising of coming into establishmentFate
1 Régiment à Pied Ier (de l'Empereur)   
2 Régiment à Pied II (de l'Impératrice)   
3 Régiment à Pied III   
4 Régiment à Pied IV   
5 Régiment à Pied V   
6 Régiment à Pied VI   
7 Régiment à Pied VII   
8 Régiment à Pied VIII   
9 Régiment à Pied IX   
10 Régiment à Pied X   

11th - 20th Régiment à pied

21st - 30th Régiment à pied

31st - 40th Régiment à pied

41st - 50th Régiment à pied

51st - 60th Régiment à pied

61st - 70th Régiment à pied

71st - 80th Régiment à pied

81st - 90th Régiment à pied

91st - 100th Régiment à pied

101st - 110th Régiment à pied

111th - 120th Régiment à pied

121st - 130th Régiment à pied

131st - 140th Régiment à pied

141st - 150th Régiment à pied

151st - 160th Régiment à pied

161st - 170th Régiment à pied

171st - 180th Régiment à pied

181st - 190th Régiment à pied

191st - 200th Régiment à pied

201st - 210th Régiment à pied

211th - 216th Régiment à pied