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Welksez yt Salowiezka
Reign 6 Ordix 1747 – Present
Coronation 13 Brumonze 1747
Predecessor Walkus II
Dynasty and Family
Spouse Marynna-Sofia Seigenbazna
Issue Lennalt, Sezn yt Salowiezka
House Seigenbaz
Father XXX
Mother XXX
Born 12 Fleurcin 1734
Religion Cadrielism

Ludovit VII the Glad (Salowiezkan: Ludovit VII Wrá; Castairean: Ludovic VII l’Heureux; Latin: Ludovicus Laetus; 12 Fleurcin 1734 – Present) is the Grand Duke of Salowiezka, jointly ruling before 1748 with his wife, Grand Duchess Marynna-Sofia, the only daughter of Walkus II.