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Magic refers to a wide array of supernatural powers. Within the Æoniverse, magical endeavours are mainly powered by ancient streams of magical energy. Its (planful) usage is usually tied to years of study to eventually be able to properly use some of its aspects.



Each magical aspect is irrevocably tied to one of the angels, which are regarded their highest master. They are the only beings able to control and lead the magical energy streams themselves, while magic users usually just harness their powers.

Elemental Magic

The elemental aspects of magic harness the raw power of the ... lines, creating powerful spells and summons. They are usable by nearly any magic user, so they might pass a danger when used by the wrong people. Their relative simple usage while still creating powerful incantations might also become dangerous for the magic wielder himself when not focusing sufficiently.

Aspect of the Flame

The aspect of the flame, which is also known as pyromancy, is the magical usage of extreme temperatures and the creation of artificial fire. It's signifying colour is red, the corresponding gem is a ruby. The range of spells from this aspect reaches from some healing spells to fiery barrages and the summon of infernal firestorms capable of destroying entire cities. While the usage of fire magic might prove to be excessively powerful, it is also the most dangerous of elemental aspects, as a simple mistake in an incantation might result in loosing the control of a massive fire.

Aspect of the Waters

The aspect of water, also called hydromancy, is centered around the magical usage of water and other fluid components. It's signifying colour is blue, the respective gem is a sapphire. The spells mainly focus on the healing and cooling nature of water, but more powerful incantations include creations of larger-than-life waves and the destructive power of water masses, eventually using the ability to create ice and spikes. These magically infused spikes can tear through cloth and armour like it wasn't there. It's usage is a bit safer than the raw power of fire, but still passes a significant danger, especially when meddling with the more powerful forms, holding the risk for the mage to drown.

Aspect of the Earth

The aspect of earth, often referred to as geomancy, involves the powers to change the shape of surrounding natural things. It's signifying colour is brown, the respective gem an quartz. While the change applies in general to plants and trees as well, the aspect is merely used to shape actual terrain, create rifts, smaller hills etc. More powerful mages might be capable of creating earthquakes and can move massive rocks with breathtaking velocity towards their opponents to crush them. Armour and physical strength enhancing spells belong to this lore as well. Staying on focus while using geomancy is also important again, otherwise the summoned rocks would simply crush the mage.

Aspect of the Winds

The aspect of winds and air, commonly known as "aeromancy", is the meaningful manipulation of winds. It's signifying colour is amber, the corresponding gem is a amber. Aeromancy includes the manipulation of existent winds, summoning of new ones, means of tarnishment and protection as well as powerful storms. A sub form of this aspect is the usage of lighting, it's planful creating by shifting masses of air of different temperature, and it's eventual harnessing in form of thunderbolts. Control in this aspect is important as ever, one might imagine a malguided thunderstorm dealing massive damage to everything nearby.

High Magic

Aspect of Life

colour green, gem emerald

Aspect of Death

colour purple, gem amethyst necromancy

Aspect of Light

colour white, gem diamond

Aspect of Shadow

colour black, gem onyx

White Magic

Black Magic

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