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Greetings, traveler! The Æonian Scholastic Society proudly welcomes you to the most opulent collection of knowledge and information about the world of Æonis, an earth-like planet in the Esterellian Star System. Currently supported by the Imperial Crown of Castaire, the archives are experiencing an exorbitant boost of acquiring new files. The cooperation with the Royal Library of Cantoras guarantees furthermore information from different points of view. The current year in the Cadrielistic Calendar is 1757. At the moment, there are 54 articles on this wiki.

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Empire of Castaire

Learn more about the gargantuan Empire and its people

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Kingdom of Cantoras

Interested in Cantoras? Click here to read more about its history

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Palais Castaire

This is the residence of the Imperial Family de Castaire, be sure to read more

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House Sacrecouronne

Find out more about the rulers of Castaire

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Castaire Shield.svg The Empire of Castaire

Cantoras Shield.svg The Kingdom of Cantoras

Escalona Shield.svg The Kingdom of Escaloña

Prussien Shield.svg The Kingdom of Prussien

Portamundo Shield.svg The Kingdom of Portamundo

Ventalicci Shield.svg The Republic of Ventalicci

Frennmærk Shield.svg The Kingdom of Frennmærk

Svarike Shield.svg The Kingdom of Svarike

Cesky-Mirava Shield.svg The Grand Duchy of Česky-Mirava


Elven Shield.svg The Everrealm



Castaire Shield.svg Sacrecouronne Shield.svg Imperial Family Sacrecouronne

  • Stéphane IV, The Empereur de Castaire
    • Belle, his wife, The Impératrice de Castaire (deceased)
    • Lukrezia, their daughter and Princesse Impériale de Castaire
    • Florian, their son and Prince de Castaire
    • Emilia, their daughter and Princesse de Castaire
  • Michel, The Chancelier de Castaire
    • Katherine, his wife

Castaire Shield.svg Sacrecouronne Shield.svg Imperial Staff

Cantoras Shield.svg Fortescue Shield.svg Royal Family Fortescue

  • Fabius III, The King of Cantoras
    • Belle, his sister, The Empress of Castaire (deceased)

Castaire Shield.svg The Empire of Castaire