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Marcel du Gardelegen (full name: Marcel Amaury Théodore Vermonte, born 12 Ordix 1712 in Caluire) is the Head of the Vermonte Dynasty and the Grand Duc du Gardelegen. Marcel is the father of four beautiful children: Marlon, André, Veronique, and Emiline. Marcel is also the loving husband of Grand Duchesse Marianna.


Marcel is a majestic 6’2” tall middle-aged man with chest-long dark-red hair (that he usually ties into a ponytail) and bright golden eyes. Marcel is cleanly shaven and has a sharp facial structure and features. He also has an athletic and slim physique.

Marcel's ceremonial uniform, which he wears on formal occasions, is truly a sight to behold. The tunic features a distinct dark green color with red accents. Gold embroidery adorns the collar, cuffs, and other borders of the tunic. Marcel's tunic is decorated with golden epaulettes and a pink sash that is tied around his right waist. The pink sash is held in place by a pink leather belt with gold flower-styled embroideries, which represent Gardelegen's vast floral landscapes. A defining feature of the belt is the circular centerpiece, which is made of gold and has the CoA of the Vermonte Family engraved on it. The belt holds Galatine, Marcel's sword. Additionally, there are golden aiguilettes on the right side of the tunic. Marcel wears a gold necklace around his collar. In the shape of the CoA of Gardelegen, the pendant is made of gold and jeweled. In addition, numerous military medals are attached to the top left side of the tunic, just above the sash. There are also military badges that are attached to the tunic and sit below the medals. Marcel wears a long dark green mantle (basically a cape) that is lined with the finest ermine fur and gold embroidery. The back of the mantle is also highly decorated with gold floral patterns. Atop the mantle are three large gold necklaces that are adorned with the most valuable gems. These three necklaces represent the three regions of Gardelegen. Namely, Deux-Rivières, Grasse-Batôn, and Côtroit. In addition to this, Marcel wears red gloves, large gold and distinctly ornamented earrings, matching trousers, and knee-high red boots that are accented with gold.

Marcel normally wears regal or uniform outfits without a mantle when he is not dressed in his ceremonial uniform. The everyday outfits Marcel wears are of the greatest quality and extravagance, expressing the wealth of the Vermonte Family. Marcel's coats are embellished with gold embroidery, jewel-studded jabots, and jeweled brooches. Instead of donning tricorne hats, he prefers to don highly decorated gold ponytail cuffs. Marcel also wears matching gloves, earrings, trousers (of various types), and boots or buckled shoes with rich decorations most of the time.   

Early Life

Marcel was born in the Grand Ducal Palace of Gardelegen. As a child, he was a peaceful and clever child who didn't cause much trouble, similar to Prince André. Marcel attended Castaire's Annual Art Festival with his parents when he was nine years old so that they could see all the wonderful art on display there. Marcel's fascination with art was born at the festival. His parents began to notice that Marcel was interested in art after a while.


Marcel's interest in a variety of subjects was similar to that of his predecessors and children. He studied Mathematics, Language Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Economics, Politics, and Artistry, his favorite subject. Marcel's education lasted from age 7 to 21. As with every Vermonte, he was put through rigorous military training from the age of 14 to 21.

Artistry Career

Marcel was admitted to an art school when he was nine years old and found a profound passion for art. When Marcel turned ten, he created his first art piece. It was the famous “Twilight” piece which depicted a woman sitting with her child while watching the sunset. It gained a lot of attention because of the fact that such a wonderful piece of art was made by a ten-year-old boy. As a young artist, Marcel created some more famous pieces such as Rosehips, the River, and Liberty. Marcel completed his education when he turned twenty-one and was able to devote more time to his art. Marcel's art was so well known because Marcel used vibrant colors to depict specific scenarios in a very precise, detailed and meaningful way. He even took part in and won many art contests. In time, Marcel began to lose interest in creating art himself and became more interested in supporting other artists. Marcel has commissioned hundreds of art pieces, and the number continues to grow. Due to Marcel's efforts to increase artistry's popularity and appreciation, art has gained a place in Castaire's economy.  


Marcel has a relatively reserved personality. It is easy for him to start a discussion and be very humorous at the same time. Marcel's ideas are more liberal, unlike other nobles whose ideas are shifted towards more conservative views. He has enacted several reforms to minimize taxes and pressures placed on the poor during his reign. Yet, even the most clever monarchs have their flaws. The main problem with Marcel's rule is that he does not have a properly constituted advisor group, which most Grands Ducs set up right after they take the throne. Almost all of Marcel's advisors are incompetent, so many of the most crucial government affairs have to be handled by Marcel himself, causing him a great deal of stress. Even with a heavier workload, Marcel can still rule over Gardelegen stably and liberally. As a father, he has also done much for his children. In addition to providing them with the finest education, Marcel respected their interests, loved them dearly, and always wanted the best for them. Marcel might even be considered an overprotective father.  

Love Life

The current spouse of Marcel is Marianna of Česky-Mirava, the Second Princess of Česky-Mirava. In Castaire, they first encountered each other at a ceremony to which the majority of the Esradonian monarchs had been invited. When the beautiful Princess Marianna arrived, Marcel was immediately captivated by her beauty. Marianna was equally impressed by Marcel's handsomeness. The two met and spoke to one another. Throughout the ceremony, the two spoke about life and childhood memories. After the ceremony was over, Princess Marianna and, at the time, Prince Héritier Marcel, said their goodbyes. After that day, the two acquaintances were always interested in each other. One day, the Grand Duke of Česky-Mirava decided that it was the right time to get his second daughter married to someone. The Grand Duke chose to marry Marianna to a powerful Castairian man. The purpose of this was to increase Česky-Mirava and Castaire's neutrality. When the Grand Duke was looking for possible grooms, he found out that, coincidentally, the young Marcel, now Grand Duc de Gardelegen, was the most suitable option. The Grand Duke of Česky-Mirava notified Grand Duke Marcel, who gladly accepted the proposal and arranged a magnificent marriage ceremony. Thus, Marianna was invited to the Grand Ducal Palace of Gardelegen for the grand wedding ceremony. The couple received gifts from the many monarchs who attended the ceremony. Marianna then received the title of "Grand Duchesse de la Gardelegen," and she and Marcel lived a happy and fulfilling life together from therein.  

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

12 Ordix 1712 - 2 Venteux 1737: Son Altesse Grand-Ducale le Prince Héritier de Gardelegen
since 2 Venteux 1737: Son Altesse Grand-Ducale le Grand Duc du Gardelegen


  • Ordre de l'Empire Castairien
  • Ordre du Faucon Or
  • Ordre du Maxime III
  • Ordre du Lion d'Or

Military Ranks

  • Colonel of the 33 Régiment à Pied


Equipment & Mounts

  • Galatine de Gardelegen

Since Marcel is the Grand Duc, he is the rightful wielder of Galatine, a dazzling sword that acts as the family heirloom for the Grands Ducs of Gardelegen.


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