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Marlon Vermonte (full name: Marlon Francois Théodore Vermonte, born 31 Germois 1739 in Vermelles) is the first son and child of Marcel Vermonte, Grand Duc du Gardelegen. This makes him the Prince Héritier de Gardelegen. In regards to his status, Marlon is a high-ranking noble, diligent student, and an assiduous political trainee.


Marlon is a charming 6'3" tall young man with nicely-combed ear-long black hair and bright blue eyes. Marlon is cleanly shaven and has a sharp facial structure and features. His physique is lean and fit. This is why Marlon is known to be a very graceful man.

Marlon doesn't have a distinct uniform (and doesn't like wearing them) since he isn't very involved in military affairs. However, Marlon prefers wearing regal outfits that are normally highly decorated and are of the highest quality and extravagance. Marlon loves wearing richly decorated coats. These coats have gold embroidery, jewel-studded jabots, and jeweled brooches. Along with this he wears matching trousers (of varying types), earrings, gloves, and gold-accented boots. Marlon's outfits definitely indicate the Vermonte Family's great wealth and power.

Early Life

Marlon was born at the Grand Ducal Palace of Gardelegen, the Vermonte Family's largest residence and one of the largest residences in Castaire. He was known to be an incredibly curious and clever child who was also very naughty, as a result. Since his childhood, Marlon was always intrigued with politics. Marlon's interest started after his father read him a book regarding the various kingdoms and empires of the world.


Marlon is being educated in a variety of subjects, like all of his siblings. These subjects are Language Arts, Humanities, Economics, Sciences, Advanced Politics, and Mathematics. His education is going to last from age 7 to 21. As with every Vermonte, Marlon was put in a military training program that is going to last from age 14 to 21. Marlon doesn't have much interest for anything regarding combat, but he knows that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Political Career

Politics is Marlon's greatest interest. He has competed in several political debates and won a number of them. Marlon is a politician-in-training, so he is not the best in his field and has room to improve in. However, Marlon is still an exceptional politician for his age and always tries to learn from his mistakes. Marlon's admirable political abilities will definitely pave the way for him to become an exemplary Grand Duc in the future.


Marlon is known to be quite a wise man. His actions are almost always calculated and unpredictable. Marlon follows strict noble etiquette and is very humorous with everyone he talks to or meets. Marlon's comedic personality makes him admired to some, but annoying to others, such as his siblings, who he always jests with. Marlon also takes consideration towards the poor and plans to make various reforms when he is crowned the Grand Duc de Gardelegen.

Love Life

Marlon is very charming and noblewomen of his age get invested in him at once when they see him. Marlon chooses to ignore most of these women, except one, who interests him quite a bit. This specific woman is the beautiful Marquise Lisette of Keravelle. Lisette is very interested in Marlon and loves him more than he could ever imagine. At first, it seems as if Lisette is another one of Marlon's "fangirls." Though, Lisette catches the eye of Marlon due to her not being egotistical about her status as the daughter of Isidore Grainequis, Duc de Keravelle. Most noblewomen (and men) are exceedingly egotistical about their status as a noble even if they rank as a vicomte or lower. This quality sets Lisette apart from other noblewomen in Marlon's eyes. Even with such likable qualities, Marlon decides to keep a distance from Lisette as he feels as there are "better" matters to worry about. Marlon secretly has a love interest in Lisette, but it was only until recently that he started to show his interest in her.

One day, the Grand Ducal Family of Gardelegen was invited to Keravelle for a banquet. Since the Vermonte Family was a special guest, they were requested to sit with Keravelle's Ducal Family. They obliged and the two families sat at the same table. Marlon sat in front of Lisette and was at once captivated by her beauty and stared at her. Lisette's younger brother, Marquis Julien, noticed this and snickered. He then glanced at his close friend, Prince André, who also snickered and gestured for Julien to tap on his sister's shoulder and tell her the situation. Julien naughtily agreed and tapped on his sister's left shoulder and told her to look in front of her. Lisette then looked in front of her and saw that Marlon was fascinatingly staring at her. After Marlon realized that Lisette noticed him, he quickly started looking at his food. Lisette laughed at this and this left a smile on her face throughout the banquet. After the feasting phase of the banquet ended, the dancing phase started. Marlon and Lisette danced with one another as they were requested to do so by their parents. Throughout the dance, the two were constantly flustered. After the dancing phase had ended, the banquet was formally ended and most of the guests were given a farewell. There were a few select noble families that were requested to stay for the night because their territories were further away from Keravelle. One of these families was the Vermonte Family.

Late in the night, while everyone else was sleeping, Marlon stepped onto his room's balcony because he supposedly couldn't fall asleep. Marlon looked up at the beautiful moon which embellished the sky and ground with its beautiful light. He looked up at the stars and appreciated their beauty. Marlon smiled and thanked Cadriel for such a wonderful night. He then glanced towards Lisette's balcony and saw that she was also standing and appreciating the stars with her bright hazel eyes and long ginger hair waving along with the wind. Marlon was once again flustered by Lisette's beauty and quickly dashed back into his bedroom. The next morning, the Vermonte Family was preparing to leave the Ducal Palace of Keravelle. The ducal family was saying their farewells to the Vermontes. As Marlon was about to get into his carriage, he was called by Lisette. She came to personally say goodbye to him. As Lisette said farewell, the sight of her alluring smile put a smile on Marlon's face. After the two said their farewells, Marlon got into his carriage and left for Gardelegen with the rest of his family, who were in separate carriages. From this day, Marlon developed a profound interest in Lisette and this memory would stay in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

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since 31 Germois 1739: Son Altesse Grand-Ducale le Prince Héritier de Gardelegen



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