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Grand Duchess Marynna-Sofia Seigenbazna the Prude (Salowiezkan: Marynna-Sofia Seigenbazna Pýthe Castairean: Marie-Sophia la prude; Latin: Maria-Sophia Prūdēns; 16 Neigouze - present) is the current Grand Duchess of Salowiezka. She is the wife of Grand Duke Ludovit VII Seigenbaz. She resides in _ Castle with him.


   Marynna-Sofia is the only daughter of Grand Duke Walkus II and Grand Duchess Nedjina of Salowiezka. She was born at the _ Castle on 16 Neigouze 1730. Although she had a nanny and governess like most other noblewomen of the century, she maintained a close relationship with both of her parents. 

   From her father Walkus, she learned to possess an austere outward position toward her subjects, but her mother prevented her from becoming overly dour. Walkus was less of an egalitarian than his wife, and so Marynna spent much of her childhood restricted to castle grounds. Walkus tried to prevent his daughter from obtaining the current literary fad: sentimental novels, lest she become immoderate. However, after Walkus died while playing his favourite sport, ostrich golfing, Nedjina was granted the powers of the Grand Duke until Marynna became of age. 

   With her father dead, Marynna was free to read sentimental novels as she pleased and was so inspired by the heroines in them, that she developed a character of great sensibility. She is known to faint at shocking news or fall into one of her infamous “spells” after hearing a great tragedy. 

   She married Ludovit VII in 1747. They have one son.