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Merilin is an Elven village in the middle of Cantoras near the gate to Camelot. The village is located in a mountain cave with a hidden entrance in Merriwick.

The Village

The houses in Merilin are small and cozy built out of birch wood and bright stone. Despite that cave elves try to avoid the sunlight they love the nature and try to green their caves as much as possible. They supply their plants with elven light, a special lamp that replaces the missing sunlight, to make them grow. In many elven caves, so in Merilin too, you can find plenty of trees, flowers and other plants. Merilin is self-sufficient with it's own market, river and fields to supply their residents.

The Cave Elves

Long time ago before humans populated the area of Cantoras, many Cave Elves lived in the mountains around Camelot. They dug big holes in the massive mountains with their magic to create villages and towns hidden in the dark.

As soon as humans had started to settle down near the home of the elves and began to dig mines to reach the gold occur the elves left their homes in fear of the humans. Many of them had to travel hundrets of miles to find new homes or disappeared in the far lands of Cantoras.

These days there are not many cave elves remaining in Cantoras. The ones that are left live hidden and in avoidance of human and other races.