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Chancelier de Castaire
Tenure 1 Fleurcin 1745 - today
Inauguration 1 Fleurcin 1745
Predecessor --
Successor --
Dynasty and Family
Spouse Catherine du Gardelegen
Issue Nathaniel de Castaire
House House Sacrecouronne
Father Nathanaël II
Mother Louise
Born 3 Germois 1725
Religion Cadrielism

Michel de Castaire (born 3 Germois 1725), is the second son of Nathanaël II and Louise and thus the younger brother of Stéphane IV. He is the current Chancelier of the Castairian Empire.


Early Life

Five years younger than his brother Stéphane, Michel is the second child of Empereur Nathanaël II and his wife Louise. Compared to his brother, he was always a bit more fragile, both in regards to his health and mental state, being far more sensitive than other children. This made him an enormous help to Stéphane, because he could really understand the people surrounding them on an emotional and empathic base. Even in their childhood, Michel often told Stéphane when he said something hurtful to a mutual friend, making it possible to excuse for it. Their bond has always been very close, especially because they spent much time together as well as with Stéphanes later wife, Belle.


As Michel wasn't in the position to inherit the crown of Castaire, his education focused a bit more on his own interests than Stéphanes. Michel was allowed to study arts and musics and only had to finish a basic military training.

Military Career

Michels military education comprised him learning the basic principles of fencing, riding and shooting, but he wasn't taught tactics and strategic planning. Later in his life, he studied those two subjects autodidactically to complete his education. He serves as the Colonel en chef of several imperial regiments.


Michel is married to Catherine, Duchesse du Gardelegen. Lady Catherine and Michel have not bore a child since both are extremely busy with their day to day duties, as he is the Chancelier and she the head of the Gardeners Guild. Lady Catherine's father, Maximilien du Gardelegen, was a friend of Nathanaël II. During the construction of Palais Castaire, the Imperial Family of Castaire needed more money so Maximilien and Empereur Nathanaël arranged to have their youngest children married, so that Michel could receive the dowry and safe the Imperial Family from foreclosure. Since the arranged marriage, Michel and Catherine have fallen in love.


Michels chancellorship is also the first one to ever exist officially. Before his tenure, there have been politicians taking a leading role in the government, but not as an office on its own. With the reign of Stéphane, the parliament was changed from being more or less a decorative part in the government, but now holds actual power. Though the Chancelier isn't elected by it, it supports his position as it supports the will of the Empereur. The chancellorship of Michel saw a lot of progressive laws to be enacted, and the bond between the Monarch and the Legislative is as close as never before.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

3 Germois 1725 - 25 Recoluit 1743: Son Altesse Impériale Prince Héritier Michel de Castaire
25 Recoluit 1743 - 1 Fleurcin 1745: Son Altesse Impériale Prince Michel de Castaire
since 1 Fleurcin 1745: Son Altesse Impériale Le Chancelier Michel


Military Ranks

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