Mitch Lettering
Mitch Skin
Chancelier de Castaire
Tenure 1st May 1745 - today
Inauguration 1st May 1745
Predecessor --
Successor --
Dynasty and Family
Spouse Katherine of Gardelegen
Issue Nathaniel de Castaire
House House Sacrecouronne
Father Nathanaël II
Mother Louise
Born 3rd March 1725
Religion Cadrielism

Mitchell de Castaire (born 3 March 1725), is the second son of Nathanaël II and Louise and thus the younger brother of Steve I. Mitch is the current Chancelier of the Castairian Empire.


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Mitchell is married to the Duchess of Gardelegen, Her Ladyship Katherine. Lady Katherine and Mitch have not bore a child since both are extremely busy with their day to day duties, as Mitch is the Chancelier and Lady Katherine is the head of the Gardeners Guild. Lady Katherine's father, Duke Marcus of Gardelegen, was a friend of Nathanaël II. During the construction of Palais Castaire the Imperial Family of Castaire needed more money so Duke Marcus and Empereur Nathaniel arranged to have their youngest children married, so that Mitch could receive the dowry and safe the Imperial Family from foreclosure. Since the arranged marriage Chancelier Mitch and Lady Katherine have fallen in love.


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