Monastery of Archon

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The Monastery of Archon, named after the Angel of Mankind, is located in the village Liramond in the bordering eastern mountains of the Castairian Empire. As it was built to provide peace and sequestration from the sinful influences of the daily life, it is located at the peak of a mountain, overviewing Liramond in the vale east of it. The monastery grants, beside the liramond mine, the main income for the prosperous village and often accomodates important state guests who are in Liramond for a visit.

Even the Sacrecouronne dynasty normally spends their holidays in Liramond, as their old family castle is located nearby. Furthermore, the monastery boosted the local production of several goods like beer and wine and is famous throughout the Empire for its excellent wines.  The personal passion of the prior, Manfred, is the brewing of beer which he then sells to all taverns in Liramond and nearby. Noone ever had the courage to tell Manfred that his beer tastes really awful and so he pretends to be one of the best brewers of the Empire. Currently, there live around 30 monks in the monastery. It is also an important place of religious learning, it often happens that third or fourth sons of the nobility are sent to the monastery to become a priest of Cadriel one day.

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