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Paul de La Fontaine Lettering.png
Docteur Impérial
House De La Fontaine
Father ---
Mother ---
Born 2 November 1728
Religion Cadrielism

Paul Mathieu de La Fontaine (born 2 November 1728 in Cousteille) is the personal doctor of the Sacrecouronne family and belongs to keravellian noble family de La Fontaine. He arrived at court in late 1746, being an excellent student of the Université de Lucrécy's medical faculty. After failing in saving Impératrice Belles life, he resigned his position and went onto an educational journey to find new means to cure diseases in foreign countries as he feels guilty for her untimely death. He furthermore became known to a more common people by his books describing the flora of the jungles of Aphrina and their possible uses as remedies.


Early Life


Docteur Impérial

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

De La Fontaine Coat of Arms.svg

2 November 1728 – 13 April 1742: Son Excellence Paul de La Fontaine
since 22 March 1745: Son Excellence Le Comte Paul de La Fontaie


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