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This template is a infobox that should be used for the members of any dynasty in the world of Esradon.


  • All the entries show "Unknown" if their values are not specified.
  • There is a Death parameter which only shows up if something is given.


 | Lettering   = This has to be a file, e.g. [[File:Example.jpg]]
 | Skin        = This has to be a file, e.g. [[File:Example.jpg]]
 | Title       =
 | Reign       =
 | Coronation  =
 | Predecessor =
 | Successor   =
 | Spouse      =
 | Issue1      =
 | Issue2      =
 | Issue3      =
 | House       =
 | Father      =
 | Mother      =
 | Birth       =
 | Death       =
 | Religion    =


 |Lettering   =Steve Lettering
 |Skin        =Steve
 |Title       =Emperor of Castaire
 |Reign       =22nd March 1745 - today
 |Coronation  =22nd March 1745
 |Predecessor =[[Nathanaël II de Castaire|Nathanaël II]]
 |Successor   =--
 |Spouse      =[[Belle of Cantoras|Belle]]
 |Issue1      =[[Lukrezia de Castaire|Princess Lukrezia]]
 |Issue2      =[[Florian de Castaire|Prince Florian]]
 |Issue3      =[[Emilia de Castaire|Princess Emilia]]
 |House       =[[Imperial Family Sacrecouronne|House Sacrecouronne]]
 |Father      =[[Nathanaël II de Castaire|Nathanaël II]]
 |Mother      =[[Louise]]
 |Birth       =22nd March 1720
 |Religion    =[[Cadrielism]]

Results in...

Steve Lettering.png
Steve Skin.png
Emperor of Castaire
Reign 22nd March 1745 - today
Coronation 22nd March 1745
Predecessor Nathanaël II
Successor --
Dynasty and Family
Spouse Belle
Issue Princess Lukrezia
Prince Florian
Princess Emilia
House House Sacrecouronne
Father Nathanaël II
Mother Louise
Born 22nd March 1720
Religion Cadrielism