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Veronique Vermonte (full name: Veronique Adilene Théodora Vermonte, born 7 Glacun 1745 in Vermelles) is the third child and first daughter of Marcel Vermonte, Grand Duc du Gardelegen. This makes her the third heir to the grand ducal throne. Veronique is also a high ranking noble, meticulous student, and an aspiring musician.


Veronique is a beautiful 5'3" tall girl with long light-blonde hair and ocean green eyes. She normally wears very lavish dresses that are decorated with gold embroidery and distinct patterns. Veronique's outfits, most of the time, include gemmed necklaces. Along with this, she wears ornamented earrings, bracelets, and nicely decorated footwear (of varying types).

Early Life

Veronique Vermonte was born in the Grand Ducal Palace of Gardelegen. She was known to be a very kind and loving young girl who preferred spending time outdoors and appreciating the wilderness. Veronique's interest in music started from her visiting the Violet Meadows of Gardelegen and hearing the melodious sound of a flute. Veronqiue then told her parents about the incident and they later found out who was playing the flute. The young Veronique then requested for her parents to reward the man. They adhered to her request by gifting the man with a sack full of gold coins and gems.


Similar to all of her siblings, Veronique is interested in a variety of subjects and is being educated in them. These subjects are Language Arts, Humanities, Economics, Sciences, Politics, Mathematics, and Music. Her education will last from age 7 to 21.

Music Career

Veronique's music career is something that is very important to her. Veronique is working on mastering every instrument. Veronique is being taught by her godmother, Comtesse Adelyn, one of Castaire's best musicians. Veronique is praised for her heartwarming voice and her adeptness in almost every instrument she plays. However, Veronique still has room to improve as she experiences voice-breaking and forgetfulness on certain days when she is not motivated enough. Veronique is trying her best to improve, nonetheless. On top of all of this, she strives to be a great musician that can put the world at ease by spreading the beauty of music into people's hearts.


Veronique's personality is kind, loving, and caring. She cares for each and every living being, even down to a small ant. This is due to Veronique's care and appreciation for nature. She is also very innocent and puts a deep emphasis on honesty.

Love Life

Since Veronique is quite young, she doesn't have any love interests. She is more focused on her studies and music career. Veronique's parents also restrict her from loving any boys at this age, and as an honest young girl, Veronique abides by these guidelines.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

since 7 Glacun 1745: Son Altesse Grand-Ducale la Princesse Veronique

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